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 Party Central (Ava/Victor/Will/Ryan's gang/David/Maya/Isabella/anyone else)

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Patrick Jane

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PostSubject: Re: Party Central (Ava/Victor/Will/Ryan's gang/David/Maya/Isabella/anyone else)   Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:54 pm

"Oh yes..." he agreed. Sometimes these things happened.
Patrick smiled at Maddy's words. "Looks like somebody wanted our hearts happy." he kissed her back, feeling his heart's salto of joy. She did make him happy everytime Patrick saw her.

Patrick laughed. "Indeed he does look like baby when asleep. I may suggest you to take a peek next time he decides to take my couch for a nap. Besides he is peaceful only when his subconscious mind knows the bedside next to him is occupied. And actually my daughter was a peaceful baby." blonde said, blushing. Indeed carpet would've been nice to sleep on but... "Oh come on, seriously? All the details?" Patrick almost wished to stayed in his own room that night. "Ok ok. I'm sure one of the guilty-faces will thunder through the door soon and then the story will get really dirty so I better speak before inevitable happens." Patrick said with a glance around room. Luckily they were still away, or weren't?
"Alright. First I chose carpet but my ribs complained rather harshly so I climbed in that huge bed. I was almost asleep when that jello-brain suddenly hugged me. When I tried to get out of that stone grip of his, he grabbed my neck and almost strangled me. I have no idea what was going on in that brainpot but it was kinda scary. I truly hope it wasn't yet another set up from his side because then he better not come close to me." for a second Jane contemplated whether to unfold the rest of that night, but then thought of the gang teasing him openly made up his mind. "And that was just beginning. After moments of peacefulness he nearly beat me up. I don't know what's happened but the guy acted like ninja-piranha and I even tried to walk away through locked door. And even window was locked." he paused for a moment, "But then I walked back to that huge bed and tried not to fall asleep. I'm sure sneaky ones put some sleeping pills in my food and probably drink too because I got so sleepy. But then that maniac jumped on me like a pile of rocks and stayed that way until I fell asleep." Patrick told. Of course, there was that morning part he'd rather not survived. This already sounded too kinky.

He'd heard about Wolfe's nightmares and rather explosive-way of waking up that was told like he'd done it on purpose. Patrick was sure Ryan would never hurt anyone just by waking up from a nightmare.
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Madison Lewis

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PostSubject: Re: Party Central (Ava/Victor/Will/Ryan's gang/David/Maya/Isabella/anyone else)   Sat May 12, 2012 4:34 pm

Maddy's heart was dancing with pure joy. And not just dancing, but more tango-ing and pirouetting all over.

Maddy gave a giggle. "So pretty much Ryan only sleeps peacefully when someone is in bed next to him? That's rather...well, sweet. Then we must make sure that he doesn't sleep alone much," she said with a nod. When he mentioned his daughter, Maddy felt rather bad - she'd forgotten about her. He was always so carefree that oftentimes she forgot that once he'd had a family. "Must have been nice, having a peaceful baby as opposed to a screaming little monster," she said with a chuckle.

Her blue eyes widened as she listened to the story. She gave a soft laugh, but it was one of surprise rather than of humour. "Wow, poor Wolfie. Goodness knows what goes on in his dreams if he lashes out like that. And poor you," she added. "Glad you survived. Next time, just build a wall of pillows between you and him. Well, if the girl's are determined enough to make sure there'll be a next time," she teased.
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Patrick Jane

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PostSubject: Re: Party Central (Ava/Victor/Will/Ryan's gang/David/Maya/Isabella/anyone else)   Sun May 13, 2012 3:35 am

Jane grinned, "Well I've heard that." he tried to hide the fact that he actually knew that by his own experience after accidentally falling asleep with Ryan's head on his shoulder. Next time he'll try to not be with Ryan on his couch at late night hour. It probably had been a good material for their sneaky ones. Ryan cuddled next to him with his head tucked on his shoulder, and probably later Jane looked same, when he fell asleep. He nearly let out a laugh. "Well if he's not trying to hit on you then it could've been counted as sweet. And don't let Michi hear this, I'd be doomed." he looked around in case 'danger' was near, more out of habit than actual fear.

Patrick smiled bit sadly at the memory of his daughter. It still hurt after years, only now, when Michi had done quite a good job at making sure he doesn't fall into depression again, it felt easier to remember. "Yeah it was. Of course sometimes she had her little moments, but no she wasn't screaming little monster." Patrick told with a light laugh. To him his little angel was anything but monster.

Jane eyed Maddy's reaction, relieved she was mostly surprised. Knowing what horrible stuff Ryan had been through he realised that maybe with someone beside him it's easier to sleep. "He's been tortured, I've heard. And I know before crash it's been quite harsh to poor man. But when we fell asleep on my couch after very long shift he was most peaceful person on earth." Patrick nearly bit off his tongue after realising what he'd said. But then tried cover his slip, "Meh. I'm sure they made sure I survive for the next round. I can promise you next time with sneaky bunch around. I'm pretty sure Mich wants to hook me up with her lovely brother." he added with a cheesy smirk. Sure there will be next time, he was betting on that.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Central (Ava/Victor/Will/Ryan's gang/David/Maya/Isabella/anyone else)   

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Party Central (Ava/Victor/Will/Ryan's gang/David/Maya/Isabella/anyone else)

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