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 Doctor, Detective, M.E and Lab Tech

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Madison Lewis
Madison Lewis

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PostSubject: Doctor, Detective, M.E and Lab Tech   Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:42 pm

So I'm doing a clearing out of my characters. Because I don't use them all that often and would rather see someone else adopt them to love and care for.

Character Name: Dr. Victor Hunt
Character Face: Jude Law
Status: single
Job: Trauma Surgeon
Link to Original Introduction: http://meet-miami-justice.forumotion.com/t404-dr-victor-hunt
Updates since created: dated Ava Smith. The two broke up when Victor decided to go work in Europe.
^That is the excuse for him disappearing from rp-ing.

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Ava Smith
Ava Smith

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor, Detective, M.E and Lab Tech   Fri May 29, 2015 10:16 pm

Since I am back to the site, Dr.Victor Hunt is really really wanted over here! After he left, Ava got back with her ex-boyfriend, David, and the two got engaged. However, since David is not around anymore, I would love for Ava and Victor to get back together.

As I always say (and do!), it can also be an exchange, if you decide to adopt this cheeky, handsome and amazing surgeon. If you decide to play him, I would very much love to play somebody for you as well. I would love you forever if you did! Smile
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Doctor, Detective, M.E and Lab Tech

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