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 When different paths meat (Skyla)

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Wesley van de Camp

Location : Miami
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PostSubject: When different paths meat (Skyla)   Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:26 am

It was three in the afternoon and Wesley Van De Camp and his dear study group friends; Wilson, Arthur, Harry and Alison were in good mood as they walked through the smart, tree strewn campus grounds of the prestigious law school they attended after having finished their lessons for that day.  

The sun was shining, the air was fresh and the youthful friends had few responsibilities to worry about.
Yes, Wesley and his four close friends were pretty carefree at this stage in there lives, they were all privileged enough to be getting their legal education at the finest law school Miami had to offer, an education that they all so passionately enjoyed. Their tuitions and living expenses financed by their caring, wealthy families, and they were blessed with great health, with the exception of Wesley’s Myasthenia gravis of course. It was a good time to be alive indeed.

“I agree with Arthur.” Harry replied in relation to the theoretical legal debate the group where taking great pleasure in having as they walked along, sporting law books and messenger bags, each looking and sounding the part. “It’s not a strong enough argument.” Wesley respectfully retorted. “It’s a well rounded Argument.” Arthur replied with conviction. “It’s a fine argument, Arthur. But show me a legal precedent.” Wesley responded, his rebuttal difficult to counter. “I can’t right now.” Arthur said searching inside the law book in his hand. “I’ll have to get back to you on that one later. But my point is still valid.” He said remaining persistent.

“Sorry to break this up, but this is me and I have to go and get ready for Grandma’s birthday party.” Wilson said as they reached the steps of his dormitory.

“I’m going off to find a precedent.” Arthur said giving his farewell before splintering away from the group. “I have to go myself.” Harry said looking at his watch, leaving just Wesley and Alison.    

Wesley had his silver top cane neatly tucked under his arm rather like a Victorian gentleman as he escorted Alison through the grounds. Today there was a warm, contented smile on the often tortured genius’s face that could only come from a sense of genuine happiness and fulfilment, “So what plans do you have for today?” Wesley asked his companion, “I am meeting one of my uncles friends to discuss interning at his firm.” Alison replied with a hopeful smile, “Wow, Already? Way to get a head start my girl.” Wesley replied supportively.

Wesley’s attention was suddenly drawn away from Alison as he noticed his classmates, Franklin, leaning on the supporting wall at the bottom of a lush green hill. The Chinese student had a slightly distressed look on his face. “Everything alright Franklin?” Wesley asked as he went over to check on him, “Yeah.” Franklin said with a reassuring nod before he proceeded to pull out his inhaler and take a puff.

Franklin shook the inhaler once again and took a second puff, “Are you alright?” Wesley asked with concern as Franklin looked like he was getting worse instead of better, “My inhaler is empty.” He said putting his hand on his chest.

Franklin collapsed to a sitting position as an asthma attack began to set in. “Franklin!” Wesley dropped his book and cane, threw off his messenger bag and kneeled beside Franklin, “Call 911.” He said to a slightly disorientated Alison.

Alison quickly phoned emergency services and told them what they needed to know. “An ambulance is on the way. Just stay calm and try to breath.” Wesley said to Franklin in a soothing and reassuring tone as he did what he could to help until the paramedics arrived.
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Skyla Hawkins

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PostSubject: Re: When different paths meat (Skyla)   Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:09 pm

Skyla was thoroughly over today. All she wanted to do was go home, cuddle up to Roscoe and just not come out into the outside world for the next week. The morning had been horrendously busy, with a plethora of petty call-outs ranging from broken bones to asthma attacks. The afternoon had been a bit more eventful. She'd had a stabbing victim, and an attempted suicide. The latter had hit her the hardest, reminding her of when she had also thought that it was the best way out of this mess of a world. She'd kept quiet the whole way back to headquarters, brushing off Alex's questions of what was wrong. Eventually her partner seemed to get the message because she stopped asking, and the ride back was filled with an uneasy silence. She'd had a long shower the moment she got back to headquarters, hoping to wash off the depression that was sneaking up on her. It hadn't worked and finally she'd begged Alex to let her go get some lunch, explaining that she needed air and that she couldn't stick around here for much longer.

She'd found herself a cafe and taking a corner at the very back, she ordered her sixth coffee of the shift and was scoffing down a chicken sandwich, nose stuck in a medical research paper one of the other paramedics had lent her as she munched away. In this job, you never stopped learning. There was always some new research or new technique to learn about and perfect. Her phone rang and she picked it up off the table, checking the number. Alex. "Hi doll. Have we got a call out?" she asked, her words muffled due to the sandwich in her mouth. She rolled her eyes good-naturedly at her as she chided her on talking with her mouth full, swallowing her mouthful and downing her coffee. "Yeah, well, my Mama ain't here right now so shush. Wasn't aware that you decided to fill in for her," she shot back, teasing finding its way into her tone. She listened to her reply, cradling the phone to her ear with her shoulder as she quickly began to pack up the rest of her lunch. "Ok, I'll be there in three minutes. Bye." Sculling the remains of her coffee, she hung up and sprinted out of the cafe. They were on the clock now, and since she had been the one to break protocol and go out for lunch, if anything happened to their patient, it was her head on the chopping block. Not to mention his life.

The only sound during the entire trip over to the university was the blaring sirens and Alex filling Skyla in on the details of the call-out. It seemed just an average asthma attack, but they both knew all too well that even with something so routine, a turn for the worse could happen at any time. The moment the engine was off, she grabbed her kit and the pair dashed across the campus to where the small group of students were waiting. "Hi, I'm Skyla, that's Alex, and we'll be your rescuers today," she greeted the student leaning against the wall, giving their patient a cheeky smile and popping her kit open. "Just try and relax, ok? You're in good hands." Just like in her past career, the trick with dealing with people was to be calm and cheerful. Something that came easily to Sky when she was focused on a patient or a customer, even if she wasn't actually feeling it. "I'm just going to have a quick listen to your chest, ok? And then we'll get you something to get those lungs working again," she said with a smile, pulling a stethoscope out of her kit and putting it on. "May I?" she asked, pointing to the shirt.
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Wesley van de Camp

Location : Miami
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PostSubject: Re: When different paths meat (Skyla)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:09 pm

Alison watched on, flustered and feeling somewhat useless in the face of this emergency as Wesley did his best to help Franklin while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.
“Over here!” Alison called out, waving her arms franticly when she saw the paramedics dashing through the campus grounds.

“His inhaler was empty. Now I think he‘s starting to panic a little.” Wesley said to Skyla as she opened her kit. His outfit and refined English accent making it thoroughly obvious what side of the tracks he had been born and bred on.

And Wesley was right. By now panic was starting to set in, causing Franklin to have just as much difficulty breathing as the asthma itself. Franklin listened to Skyla as she spoke, but too flustered to reply to her question he just nodded, continued to wheeze and loosened the nervous grip he had on his own chest.

“It’s alright Franklin, just relax. These people are going to help you.” Wesley said, gently moving Franklin’s hands away from his chest so that Skyla could unbutton his shirt. Franklin nodded to show that he understood, before his angst-ridden gaze looked into Skyla’s face, silently telling her that he had placed all of his trust in her and that he would let her do whatever she needed.

Wesley moved so that Skyla and Alex could work, but he was sure to stay close to Franklin, remaining crouched down to his level in order to maintain eye contact and ensure that his apprehensive classmate had a familiar face to look into until it was all over, “It’s going to be alright, Franklin. Just try to relax.” Wesley assured him in a comforting and reassuring tone as the paramedics set to work.

Skyla’s calm and cheerful approach, coupled with Wesley’s presence and reassuring words helped Franklin to relax and collect himself. The nerdish student’s ragged gasps began to even out as he calmed, meaning that a mild asthma attack was once again the only thing that Skyla and Alex needed to treat, in front of the spectators that had gathered round.
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PostSubject: Re: When different paths meat (Skyla)   

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When different paths meat (Skyla)

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