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 GALATOR ;; a fox and dog RPG.

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PostSubject: GALATOR ;; a fox and dog RPG.   Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:39 pm

Galator is a brand new, semi-realistic, beginner to advanced fox and dog role-play game.

Galator is a planet not very different from that of earth-- It has similar formations, has oxygen, grass, and more. However, it doesn't have the main feature of earth: humans. Galator is a land filled with foxes and canines-- Mostly foxes. There are other creatures that roam Galator. However, they are nothing like earth creatures in the sense of appearance.

On Galator, the animals are able to talk. And this isn't just the foxes; many a creature has been gifted the ability to speak one of the native languages of Earth -- English!

That being said, most of the creatures that live on Galator are very intelligent and talented.

The foxes and canines have formed intimate, well-planned hierarchies and communities. These communities range from two members to forty. So far, all of these communities remain neutral to each other and rarely rage war against one-another.

However, some of these communities are violent and mission-oriented, their system lead by only the most talented and the most malicious of animals. These types of communities are called Farragains -- The members within these communities are cutthroat and will stop at nothing to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

These peaceful ones, on the other hand, are called Farragaias. These types of communities are more focused on advancement of knowledge than anything. They have a superior hand of intelligence, compared to the Farragains. They are generally peaceful beings but will not fail to battle if they must.
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GALATOR ;; a fox and dog RPG.

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