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 New Job, New Location // Anyone

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Lara DunCroft
Lara DunCroft

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PostSubject: Re: New Job, New Location // Anyone   Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:49 am

Lara and Ryan finished at the scene and then they took everything they had found bact to the lab.

As they began to run tests on everything they had got from the gym, Lara's eyes turned to the clock for a moment. She could not help but think how time was running out.

"Feel like crap and sore, most of what happened is foggy and still a blur, but the last thing I remember is you to telling the perp to not move and nothing until I woke up here".

Horatio nodded.
He have he a light smile and touched her hand, "Okay, Sweetheart. You rest now. Just rest."
With that he let Naimh sleep.

Horatio made his was to PD.
He had one missing officer and another in the hospital and he was now on the warpath.

He entered the lab where Lara and Ryan were working, "What have we got?" He asked, rather fired up.
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Niamh Cassidy
Niamh Cassidy

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PostSubject: Re: New Job, New Location // Anyone   Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:00 pm

After Horatio left the hospital and went back to the lab, Niamh sighed softly and closed her eyes and nodded off to sleep, she tucked the blankets around her to keep warm, only a short time later, Niamh felt something jagging in her hand, she woke up and uncurled her right hand, only to find a mirco-chip embedded in her hand, she freaked out and a nurse called PD and told Horatio that something had spooked Niamh and she was scared, Horatio didn't know what was going on until he returned and found Niamh curled up in the corner of her hospital room with her blanket around her, it had droplets of blood, he needed to see what was causing the blood, he could only hope that Niamh would allow him to see, he needed her to trust him right now.

Lara and Ryan were worried about Niamh.
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New Job, New Location // Anyone

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