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 Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell

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Angeletta Finlay-Russell
Angeletta Finlay-Russell

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PostSubject: Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell   Mon May 25, 2015 7:55 am

Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell

Character Face: Candice Swanepoel

Age/DOB: 28 years, 24th of December 1986
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single

Family: Julie Finlay (mother)
D.B. Russell (father)
Karen Finlay (grandmother)
Barbara Russell (step-mother)
Maya Russell (step-sister)
Charles Russell (step-brother)
Katie Russell (step-niece)

Job: CSI (Criminal Psychology Expert)
Apartment or House: House

Not many people call this woman by her name. She prefers to be called Finn or Letta. She dislikes being called Angel or Angie, because only her mother can call her like that.
She always tries to be the optimistic one, but sometimes, she finds it hard.
She can read people perfectly as she is behaviorist, but on the other side, others never know what is she thinking.
People like to talk to her, because she understands them and keeps their secrets safe.
She has very good manners, soft and gentle and she is very reserved, but when speaking with criminals, she can be very hard, rough and rash.
She always puts brains before beauty and her life saying is: „Think twice before you do.“, altough living like that can be hell.
She may seem to be perfect, but she has her (even if well hidden) mistakes. She relies on her mother too much, maybe because of what they went through together.
When deciding, she tries to hurt no one and that is one of her big problems. When dealing with really big problems she doesn't know how to act, so she can be either very hard or very mild.
And as to her hobbies, she likes to sport, but she likes reading too. She likes to run, swim, play tennis or dance and she sometimes returns to her model job. She enjoys shooting from guns, but she doesn't do that very often, usually when she wants to let her emotions out.
She has beautiful light singing voice and you can often catch her singing while she is working.
When deciding between home and  company, she rather stays at home and reads.
She is very patient, but when you overstep her limit, you never want to come face to face with her.
Angeletta has sort of problem with stepping out of her comfort zone.
Oh, and she likes her privacy, so don't pry, she will tell you when you earn her trust.

Little girl was born on one day when it actually snowed in Seattle.
It was 24th of December, and it was truly miracle. She almost died but she put up a fight and survived.
Her mother, CSI Julie Finlay, who was than together with D.B. Russell, decided to name her Angeletta, meaning „little angel“.

And little angel she truly was. She was growing up to be bright and beautiful girl. She had good marks in school, but she never had many friends. Kids envied her and thus they spread ugliest lies about her. But she never cared, because she had loving mother and father.

Big strike to her perfect life came, when her father fired her mother. Later she learned, that he has wife and kids. She began to hate him for breaking hers and her mother's heart. She really hates Barbara Russell, who knows her but doesn't know she is D.B.'s daughter. She doesn't like Maya and Charles too, but she is quite fond of little Katie.

But back to her history. After that, she began to have strong depressions and anorexy. Her mother helped her to overcome it and it only strengthened their incredibly strong bond.

When she grew older, kids began to call her freak and weird, because she liked forensics. But she always shrugged and said: „You do aerobics, I like dead bodies.“. Through all of this she kept on being rather optimistic person.

She grew up to be exceptionally beautiful young woman. When she and her mother moved to Las Vegas, she finished studying Forensic Investigation and Psychology. She began to work for LV Crime lab. She worked harder and harder and than she became Conrad Ecklie's Assistant Shift Supervisor.

Her mother and father worked night shifts and they actually rekindled their friendship, but nothing more. During that time, Angeletta had short episode as Victoria's Secret Angel.

When Gig Harbor Killer returned, it was hard for her mother and Angeletta tried hard to keep bad memories from haunting her.

Her world shattered when her mother was attacked and almost killed by Paul Winthrop. As she laid in coma, Angeletta stayed by her side but then offer to transfer to Miami Crime lab as Criminal Psychology expert came. She was torn between her beloved mother and new life. And it was right in that moment when she had long talk with her father. He told her to go and she went.

So currently she lives in house with two pugs and parrot. However, she visits her mother everytime she can and waiting for her to awake from came is killing her.

Your Alias: Mags or Bloody Mary
Means of contact: kapitan.kofein@email.cz
Other Characters you play: None, at the moment.

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Natalia Boa Vista
Natalia Boa Vista

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PostSubject: Re: Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell   Wed May 27, 2015 5:24 am

Welcome Aboard! Smile

Added to Pending for now. As all the new members that I haven't met on other rp-forums before. Staff and I will keep an eye on your rp-ing and add you to the CSI group, once you've established your character.
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Angeletta Finlay-Russell
Angeletta Finlay-Russell

Age : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell   Thu May 28, 2015 3:34 am

Thank you so very much!! Very Happy I honestly do look forward to playing here, however, school is rough....but I am going to try and be here as much as I can Smile
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Lara DunCroft
Lara DunCroft

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PostSubject: Re: Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell   Thu May 28, 2015 5:23 am

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

It is nice to see a new face on here Very Happy .

I noticed you have starter an open threas to I will join in with you when I get a chance to write a post Smile .
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Angeletta Finlay-Russell
Angeletta Finlay-Russell

Age : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell   Fri May 29, 2015 2:08 am

Thank you so very much, I honestly do look forward to play with you....Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell   

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Angeletta Karen Finlay-Russell

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