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Natalia Boa Vista
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PostSubject: UPDATED RULES!!!   UPDATED RULES!!! Clock10Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:12 am

I know this looks huge and looks like a lot, but please do take the time to read ALL the rules before you join this forum.

1. General Stuff

  1. The forum is now available for everyone who wants to join us. You can to play either a canon character, take up one of the Wanted Characters or adopt a character from the Orphanage. You can also play an original character, but I will check their introduction carefully. Not every original will be accepted. They have to have a good history and a very well rounded personality. I will not accept Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters.

    IF your character is an original character, please check the list Taken Character Faces to see if the person you want for your character is still available.

  2. If you haven't been a member on this forum before, or haven't been on any other sites, you will be put into the Rookie/Pending group for at least 2 weeks for observation of your activity and role playing quality.

  3. You can have max 6 Characters: either 3 cast characters (characters from the CSI shows) and 3 own characters. OR 6 own character. Any other combination using less then 3 cast characters are allowed. (Example: 2 Cast, 4 Own).
    When you register to the forum, your username HAS TO BE the name of your character! (First [middle] Last)

  4. When creating a character, please make sure that your character will be living and working in Miami, or the very close area around the city. So if your using a character from another CSI show, make sure to mention that he transfered to the Miami Crime Lab/MDPD. Same goes for canon characters from other shows that are NOT set in Miami. Thanks.

  5. If you want to play a character's sibling, or parents and they aren't listed as wanted characters, please talk to the character first before putting them up.

  6. I will delete accounts if they aren't active for more than 3 months, so if you're going on a longer trip or are just busy, just leave me a message, to safe your account and everything will be fine. I will also delete every account that hasn't posted an introduction within 7 days. 

2. Posting Rules

  1. Topics have to be tagged like this:
    Topic Title // Character Name(s)
    Topic Title [Character Name(s)]
    Topic Title (Character Name(s))

    If the topic is open to anyone just tag it open/anyone.

  2. Additional to the tagging above, you can also tag character(s) underneath your actual post. That Works like this: @"Character Name".

  3. HTML posting templates are allowed on this site, but ONLY for the actual Roleplay section, so not for OOC posts.

  4. M-rated topics are allowed. You can post them in the "Red-Light District", but you don't necessarily have to. If you post a M-Rated topic anywhere else, you HAVE TO mark that topic like this:
    Topic Title *M*// Character Name(s)
    Topic Title *M* [Character Name(s)]
    Topic Title *M* (Character Name(s))

  5. Every IN Character post in the role play section MUST have at least 150 words. Don't fuss about it, it is done easily. I will check random topics from time to time and I will send warnings if the word count is lower than 150 words for more than 2 or 3 posts.

    If you don't have any writing program with a word count option you can use this useful tool, which Sophia linked in the OOC chatbox earlier. I think it's pretty handy and does exactly what you want it to do: count your words. Just copy and paste your reply in there to check for the word count. If you're especially proud of your reply you can add the word count number underneath your post if you like (like I did on Thomas Allan's post here first post on the top).

  6. NO God-Mode! Meaning: your replies/posts do only contain thoughts/feelings/actions of YOUR character. DO NOT include such of any registered characters, unless they are yours.
    Only exception: not registered characters.

  7. Registered characters CANNOT be killed, only injured. Only Exception: John and Jane Doe.

  8. Cursing is allowed, but keep it reasonable.

  9. Translation is your friend! If you use a foreign language (any other language than English) you have to add a translation. Not everybody speaks every language.

3. Non-Player Characters (NPC)

  1. NPC Accounts are available for every member of this forum. Please do not give the NPC passwords to anyone else, unless they are registered on this forum.

  2. NPC Characters can be killed. Well, at least the character they portray for that specific topic.

  3. You have to give them a name (other than John or Jane Doe) for the topic you are using them in. You can use both NPCs in the same topic.

  4. Keep the posts on the main forums R-13 rated. Posts in Biscayne Bvld. have to stay R-16 to R-18. No detailed posting of sexual acts or crimes committed against the NPC. Keep that for your own imagination.

  5. Please make sure that within a topic the NPC is played by the same person. Do not post as John or Jane Doe on a topic that you didn't create, or posted in.

4. Miscellaneous

  1. Respect each other and your opinions. You can't always agree on everything, but keep the drama from the public view. Try to solve problems among yourselves, before consulting an Admin or Moderator.

  2. Your characters can have fights, just don't make In Character posts become personal for the person behind the character. Same goes for disagreements in the chat. Don't take nor make things personal.

  3. EVERY disrespect of these rules will be punished accordingly. These rules are the LAW of this role play forum and every member has to make sure to follow and respect them.


    1. Break the rules once, fine. Just apologize and be done with it. Make sure it doesn't happen again.

    2. Break the rules again, I will ban you for 3 days. And that means ALL your characters will be banned.

    3. If you break the rules again, your characters will be banned for 7 days.

    4. Every disrespect of any kind will end up in the deletion of your characters.

  4. I encourage every member to keep an eye out. I don't want anyone to become a squealer, but if you notice someone is breaking the rules repeatedly (in character or out of character), feel free to inform an administrator or moderator (with proof). We can't have eyes everywhere.

NOTE: These rules can be changed without notification, so make sure to drop by sometimes, to check if anything changes. Out of my kindness however, I will make an announcement, if I make any major changes in the rules.

If you have any questions about role playing or any other questions concerning this board, feel free to contact either me, the forum Admin, or one of the forum Moderators. We don't bite!

FORUM Moderators:

  1. James Hamilton
  2. Ryan Wolfe

FORUM Administrators:

  1. Ana Hernandez
  2. Madison Lewis

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