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 Old Acquaintances || Skyla

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Detective Mac Taylor
Detective Mac Taylor

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Old Acquaintances || Skyla  Empty
PostSubject: Old Acquaintances || Skyla    Old Acquaintances || Skyla  Clock10Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:48 pm

i may drink too much and play too loud, hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd
that don't mean i don't respect my mama or my uncle sam, yes, sir, yes, ma'am
i may be a real bad boy, but, baby i'm a real good man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I'm fine!" Mac insisted again, sighing quietly as he fell silent as the medic insisted he let him check to make sure. It was a bloody nose and some bruising, at best. It was far from the worst he'd seen, so he couldn't understand the fuss that was around him at the moment to save his life. "I'm serious," he repeated once more, this time firmly, gently pushing the hand of the medic away, "I'm fine, I promise."

The only problem was that he'd let the guy get ahead of him. That was the only flaw. He'd known the risks - the guy was a proven fighter, although this was certainly the first time he'd been called out for something as serious as murder. So the guy had gotten out from under him and got a few punches in. It was nothing Mac wasn't familiar enough with. Seriously, there could've been things a lot worse than how he was looking now, impatiently talking off an insisting medic that kept standing in front of him so he couldn't get up and walk away from the ambulance that had been called in.

Seriously, you act like it's my first, he thought with a frown, stubbornly pulling away from the medic's hands again. It was sore, yes, but it wasn't something a cold shower and a hint of caution in the next few hours couldn't fix. Nothing felt broken, he wasn't bleeding seriously, he could stand on his own two feet and nothing had him unconscious. As far as Mac was concerned, that was his ticket to get up and go. Anyone could warn him to be careful, but really? Why had they even been called out in the first place to this? It probably just looked a lot worse than it was.

"Detective-" "Please," Mac cut the young man off again, "I know you're just trying to do your job, but I'm fine, okay? I'll be alright." When the medic insisted again, Mac finally sighed in defeat, shaking his head slightly and giving the man a small nod as his promise not to move while he headed off to what he needed to do whatever he wanted to do.

This is really way too much fuss for all the more this is, he thought with a frown. Yes, it hurt, he'd give the poor young man that much. He did have to feel a little bad for snapping at the poor guy, but he didn't need all the questions of what hurt where and how he'd gotten that. The guy had writhed out from his hold, they'd both thrown some kicks and punches, and, yes, Mac seemed to look the worse out of both of them, but a bloody nose was enough to do that compared to a clip under the eye and a few other bruises that'd show up with time. He could almost hear the guy whining about it later and trying to dance some dance about police brutality, but there was no way anyone would fall for such a thing when he'd brought it on himself. With all of the sensitivity around such issues like these, he'd taken more than he'd handed out just for the simple fact that he really was attempting to avoid any conflicts with this little bump in the case. Unfortunately, he knew too well how touchy these incidents could be, and there was no doubt that that kind of questioning of his reputation was something he seriously would love to avoid. Too often it blew simple things way out of proportion because that was just how things like that tended to role. Just the idea made Mac want to grimace. Yeah... Way too much fuss for this, he thought with another frown, finally holding a hand back to where he'd taken a hit again for a few brief moments. Still. Way too much fuss.

i take all the good times i can get, i'm too young for growin' up just yet
ain't much i can promise you 'cept to do the best i can
i may be a real bad boy, but, baby, i'm a real good man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
tagged ☛ skyla hawkins
outfit ☛ this, and of course he's got his other on-duty gear
credits ☛ template by mckenzie; lyrics from "real good man" by tim mcgraw
notes ☛ i told you my friend got me crushing on him with his sleeves up. his outfit shouldn't come as a surprise considering that. x3 i also had way too much fun writing this. his taking of this is making me die. xD
word count ☛ 650
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Old Acquaintances || Skyla

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