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 Margaret Mary Čapáková

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Margaret Mary Čapáková
Margaret Mary Čapáková

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PostSubject: Margaret Mary Čapáková   Margaret Mary Čapáková Clock10Tue May 26, 2015 7:16 am

Margaret Mary Čapáková
Margaret Mary Čapáková Search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1440&bih=766&q=adriana+lima&oq=adriana+lima&gs_l=img.3..0l10.3245.7280.0.7703.
Character Face: Adriana Lima

„I came, I saw, I conquered, I still live.“
~ Caesar, M. M. Čapáková ~

Margaret Mary Čapáková Basici12
Age/DOB: 29 years, 14th of July 1985
Sexuality: Bissexual
Marital Status: Single

Family: She left her family behind in Czech Republic and she thinks of them as of deceased.

Job: CSI (Blood Splatter)
Apartment or House: Apartment

Margaret Mary Čapáková Person13
Her life motto is: „Never doubt, never look back.“ She does not care about her past and even though it haunts her sometimes, she copes with it very bravely.
Her biggest wapeons are sarcasm and irony and she uses them almost all the time but people around her actually break through it as time passes.
When she moved to Miami, she created brand new attitude. She is quite serious person with tad of black humor. She is neither optimistic nor pessimistic.
She is very honest and she likes to say what she thinks, but you can never read her mind.
People respect her and value her opinion. But she is very choleric person, altough she may seem more of phlegmatic one. She can get angry easily, but not because of stupid things.
Maggie is loyal friend, never the one to betray you.
She does not like to rely on people and when deciding she never cares what do others think.
Underneath this tough shell, she is still damaged child,locked inside a little prison, but she hides this fact with her rather flamboyant personality. She has fear of serious relationships and that is hidden by this flirty side she has to herself.
She likes to swim, surf, box, run and play baseball. Pole-dancing is still her big hobby and she enjoys it.Her big hobby are guns and you can often find her at shooting range.
She can sing beautifully, and sometimes you can find her singing in some club.
People from work call her Mags or Bloody Mary, due to her specialization.

Margaret Mary Čapáková Biogra11

Margaret Mary Čapáková was born in Czech Republic in small village called Nebovidy. She was rather happy child, but that was only until her younger brother and sister were born, because than, everything went to hell.

She was smart kid, but nobody noticed her anymore. Her parents did notice her only when she had done something wrong or she had gotten bad mark at school.

Than, abusing came. Mental, physical. She had bruises and marks and cuts everywhere, but eventually, she learned how to hide them.

She was always ugly duckling, she liked books and her biggest hobby were forensic sciences.
Her so called „friends“ only made fun from her, her parents never understood her and forced her to go to schools she never wanted to go to.

She had clinical depressions and she cut herself, because it offered her some sort of...comfort.
When she finished gymnasium she decided to do something with her life.
She always wanted to be a CSI and she wanted to study Forensic Investigation. Others always laughed her in face and told her she will never make it, but she got accepted to Keiser University in Miami.

She left Czech Republic when she was 19 and she left her past behind. She became brand new person. She studied hard and along the way, ugly duckling turned to swan.

She became beauty and she worked as pole-dancer to pay her student loans. That episode of her life was very hard, but she was, finally, happy.

She still had something from her Gothic past in, but she became brave, strong woman. She gained Bachelor's degree in Forensic Investigation and her specialization in Blood Splatter.

She began to work in Miami Crime Lab, and she could finally afford some luxury. She worked hard on her career and meanwhile, she almost died twice, being shot and she went through clinical death, having breathed carbon monoxide in.

She met one guy from primary school and she used to have crush on him. „Feelings“ returned and for that blessed moment, everything seemed perfect. But he only used her and than he ran away, and that is where is her fear of serious relationships from.

After that, she literally killed her personal life and focused solely on her career, so now she is respected member of Crime Lab staff.

Last quite recent and important event is that she left for two months to sped some time with her best friend Amanda on Sri Lanka.

Margaret Mary Čapáková Ooc10[/center]
Your Alias: Mags
Means of contact: kapitan.kofein@email.cz
Other Characters you play: Angeletta Finlay-Russell

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Natalia Boa Vista
Natalia Boa Vista

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PostSubject: Re: Margaret Mary Čapáková   Margaret Mary Čapáková Clock10Wed May 27, 2015 5:24 am

Welcome Aboard! Smile

Added to Pending for now. As all the new members that I haven't met on other rp-forums before. Staff and I will keep an eye on your rp-ing and add you to the CSI group, once you've established your character. As with Angeletta Wink
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Margaret Mary Čapáková

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