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 Detective Thomas Allan

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Det. Thomas Allan

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PostSubject: Detective Thomas Allan   Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:27 am

Thomas Allan

Character Face: Warren Kole

”Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

Age/DOB: 31, born September 25, 1982
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: single

Family: Jeff Allan (father)
Fiona Allan (mother)
Annabelle Allan (sister)

Job: MDPD Detective in Vice Squad, works Undercover Operations and Security Details
Apartment or House: apartment

Thomas is a man full of life with a spirited and light personality. He tries to see everything from the bright side and tries not to dwell on the negativity that his job shows him almost every day. Sometimes that makes him seem immature, as if he took nothing serious, but it is just his way of dealing with the things he sees in his line of work. And he does take his job very seriously and he is one of the best in his line of work.
He is persistent in what he does and the things he wants to achieve and he doesn't give up, once his mind is set on something. At least not without a fight. He is strong-willed and not easy to be manipulated. Unlike other men he knows, he thinks with his brain, even in front of a beautiful woman. It's not easy to fool him, unless that person is really persistent and consequent.

In his line of work, as well as in private, Thomas isn't a huge fan of formal events like annual banquets and the like. One would have to literally drag him there, or be a really beautiful woman that he really likes. And usually Tom also doesn't like nagging reporters who bother him with tons of questions when they know that he can't answer any of them. And he totally dislikes wanna-be-detectives, people who stick their noses where they don't belong and end up hurt or killed in the end.

However, outside of work Thomas can be quite charming and flirtatious. He likes to smile and have a good time, unless he's working. He would join his co-workers or friends for a drink on a Friday night and he's outgoing otherwise, too. But lately he kind of buries himself in his work, trying to deal with a personal loss that he suffered just recently. That loss has changed his bright personality, making him seem somber and depressed sometimes. It is something that he has to work his way through.
On the negative site, Thomas doesn't talk about his emotions very much, neither about his work, at least not to people not related to it. He doesn't like talking about the things that bother him, or when something gets to him. He likes to deal with it on his own, sometimes not realizing that it doesn't help him. It takes a lot of effort and time to make him open up about these things.

When it comes to family, Thomas is very protective. He would rather die, than see someone close to him get hurt. It is one of his weaknesses that can be used against him.

Thomas Allan was born September 25, 1982 in Miami. He is the oldest of two children born to Jeff and Fiona Allan. His sister Annabelle was born two years later on July 19, 1984.  
Growing up in a wealthy family, the two children had everything they needed and a little bit more. Yet, their parents avoided to spoil them. The siblings grew up with a close bond to each other. Like every other family there were differences and fights between them, but they always came out stronger in the end and nobody could ever separate them from each other. Thomas would always protect his little sister, even now that they are both adults. He still is an important figure in Annabelle's life, just as she is for him. The same goes for their parents.

Tom and Annabelle both went to private schools when they were kids, however after they graduated from Middle School and went off to High School, Thomas chose to attend the public High School rather than go to another private school. After graduating from High School, he went to University of Miami and studied law, but he never took the bar exam, instead he left the University and joined the MDPD.
After three long years of working as a beat cop and then Patrol Officer, Thomas eventually made it to Detective and he joined the Vice Squad, eventually focusing on Undercover operations. On top of that, Thomas signed up for Security Details, meaning that whenever a detail is needed he can be called into service, unless he is otherwise engaged. Thomas works Vice for 6 years now.

Last year in July his girlfriend Stephanie Houser was killed in a car wreck. The investigating police detective told Tom that it was an accident. He concluded that Stephanie had been going too fast and just lost control over her car, but Tom believed that she was killed by men working for a criminal that he put away just a few months prior to the supposed accident. Tom knew that Stephanie had been a terrific driver, she wouldn't have just lost control over the car, she wouldn't even drive too fast in the first place. However, since no other traces were found, according to the detective working the case, it was considered closed and put into the archive.
Ever since then, Tom isn't the same. The first few months after Stephanie died, Thomas fell into a deep depression that had him at a very dark place once, but he is fighting his way back into his normal life again – without Stephanie. He had wanted to propose to her the night she was killed and that really got to him. Even now that he tries to move on. However, he does go into the archive every now and then, trying to find clues that were missed, trying to find the person who killed the love of his life.

Thomas drives a 1996 Cobalt Blue Metallic Dodge Viper GTS Coupe, which is the only thing (apart from the condo apartment his father gave to him) that shows that he comes from money. The car was especially painted for him, since the original 1996 Dodge Viper GTS did not come in blue. It matches the car that was once used in the TV show 'Viper' that Thomas loved to watch when he was younger.

'Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter

Your Alias: OldShatterhandsGirl
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Other Characters you play: Natalia Boa Vista, Ana Hernandez
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Detective Thomas Allan

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